Avoiding Constipation When Traveling

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What is travel constipation?

Travel constipation, also known as vacation constipation, is the name given to a common occurrence — the inability to poop regularly after traveling. People who travel frequently often find that they’re unable to poop according to their regular schedules. As we all know, regular bowel movements allow us to function comfortably, and the lack of a regular bowel movement can make us feel bloated and cranky. However, if you suffer from travel constipation, you can take several measures to avoid constipation while traveling.

Constipation occurs for several reasons, including changes in your diet, exercise, and underlying health conditions. When you travel for long periods, your regular diet is interrupted, and you may even experience health problems that exacerbate the problem, leading to constipation. However, travel constipation isn’t inevitable — you can take various measures to counter the effects of traveling on your body, thus preventing constipation. Even if you get constipation, you can use simple home remedies, electrolyte solutions, and other techniques to get healthy.

What are the signs of travel constipation?

  • You’re going days without pooping.
  • You have to strain, struggle, and work hard to poop.
  • Your poop is hard and dry.
  • You constantly feel full, even after pooping.
  • You experience a rectal blockage.

Why do you experience constipation after travel?

Everyone has a unique experience with bowel movements. Some people poop several times a day, while others can go days without pooping. The regularity of your bowel movement depends on what you eat, when you eat, when you sleep, when and how much you exercise, your general health, and your environmental conditions. As waste moves through your colon, the fluids are removed through the small intestine, and your muscles contract to push the solid waste through the rectum. However, sudden changes in your lifestyle caused by travel interrupt your colorectal behavior, leading to constipation.

The following are some of the reasons why travel causes constipation:

  • Your normal routine is interrupted.
  • Your meal routine and size are interrupted.
  • Your internal body clock changes.
  • The lack of hydration hardens the waste.
  • You spend large amounts of time sitting.
  • Stress affects your digestive system.
  • The lack of immediate bathroom access leads to rectal blockage.
  • Jet lag interrupts the regularity of your bowel movements. 


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How to avoid constipation when traveling?

  • Drink Water: Travel constipation often occurs because people can’t hydrate sufficiently while traveling, especially on long flights, bus rides, etc. Without sufficient hydration, your body draws water from the fecal matter, making you pass hard and dry stool. As such, you must drink plenty of water while traveling.

  • Regular Bowel Movement: If your body indicates that it needs to pass stool, you should find a bathroom promptly rather than “holding it in.” If you ignore the urge to poop consistently, you may eventually experience rectal blockage, which, in turn, leads to constipation.

  • Schedule: Most people have inner clocks that regulate their sleep, bowel, and hunger cycles. Even while traveling, you should try sticking to your regular schedule to keep your bowel movement regular.

  • Regular Meals: Most people change their eating rhythms and meal patterns while traveling. However, the human body needs a steady rhythm, and it fails to identify small snacks as meals. Instead, you should stick to regular complete meals to ensure optimal bowel movements.

  • Hearty Breakfast: Pooping early in the morning can set the pace for the rest of your day, allowing you to function without any discomfort. A large breakfast with ample dietary fats releases hormones that encourages you to poop.

  • Dietary Fibers: Eating high-fiber foods allows you to poop without much effort. High-fiber protein bars, cereals, fruits, and salads allow you to pass stool comfortably, but you should only eat cooked foods to avoid bacterial infections that cause diarrhea.

Besides water, what other fluids can help keep me hydrated?

Water is essential, but it’s not the best for hydration. If you’re traveling, hiking, or engaging in activities that increase your risk of dehydration, you should drink electrolyte supplements. Electrolyte solutions contain essential electrolytes that help your body avoid dehydration while retaining more water, which, in turn, prevents constipation.

If your body loses electrolytes due to sweating or diarrhea, you can’t simply drink more water for hydration because your body won’t retain the water, making you vomit it out. As such, while traveling, you need to drink electrolyte supplements to replenish your electrolyte reserves, allowing your body to hydrate itself.

Are there fluids I should avoid?

People often assume that sports drinks and energy drinks, like Gatorade, are suitable alternatives to water or electrolyte supplements. However, you should avoid sports drinks because they’re mostly sugar water with a high volume of artificial flavors, sugar, and colors. They contain electrolytes, but the volume of electrolytes is negligible compared to the sugars. If you’re traveling and want to avoid constipation, you must drink electrolyte supplements.

What is the best way to solve constipation?

RecoverORS is one of the best electrolyte supplements to reverse the symptoms of constipation, giving your body the hydration necessary to restore regular bowel movements. RecoverORS is the #1 recommended brand by pharmacists and produced in FDA-inspected facilities. Each packet of RecoverORS contains all the essential electrolytes, including Dextrose, Potassium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, and Ascorbic Acid.

RecoverORS hydrates and saturates your body. It uses the SGLT System to facilitate renal glucose reabsorption, helping you achieve quick hydration. You should drink RecoverORS electrolytes before you start traveling, on long plane rides, and after you’re done traveling. If you’re on vacation, you should ideally drink up to eight servings per day to remain hydrated and avoid constipation.

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