RecoverORS 4-Pack


Sometimes water just isn’t enough.  RecoverORS is like the happy booster shot for your dehydrated body. Dehydration from an illness is different from general dehydration. You lose more electrolytes when you are sick or had too much to drink.

RecoverORS helps restore lost electrolytes from your body when you’re feeling cruddy.  And it’s made especially for adults. Try RecoverORS and feel better faster.

Our Power Rehydration starts with a blend of electrolytes that works with your body natural mechanisms to deeply hydrate.  Then we add a lean amount of sweeteners (less than 1%) and natural flavoring for a tangy sharpness. Finally, we package everything in our BPA-free stick packs for easy traveling and ongoing freshness.




4 RecoverORS Hydration Powder Sticks


  • One powder stick mixes with 1 cup (8 oz) of water
  • Also available in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia
  • Free shipping to U.S. addresses / Expedite shipping available