Sports Drink Labels – Sneaky Secret

According to CNN, sugary drinks from beverages, energy, and sports drink cause 180,000 obesity related deaths per year.
“This means about one in every 100 deaths from obesity-related diseases is caused by drinking sugary beverages,” says study author Gitanjali Singh, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health.
Let’s look at the amount of sugar and calories in some beverages, primarily sports drink. Assuming 8 fl oz (240ml) (1 cup) of the product.
Product Sugar (grams) Calories
Soda 27 100
Flavored Water 13 50
Leading Sports Drink 14 50
Resources:  When reading product labeling, notice the size of servings. Most people make the mistake of assuming that one large bottle of a sports drink contains 14 grams of sugar. A sports drink may come in a 40-oz bottle but the product labeling is for per serving size of 8 fl oz. An example is below: This is the label for a 20 fl oz of a sports drink. BUT the nutrition label is for a serving size of 8 fl oz (240ml). The next time you’re reaching out for that sports or energy drink, realize how much sugar you’re putting into your body.