How Poo Can Save Your Life

Poo goes by a lot of names: feces,stool, droppings, bowel movement, S—, and I’ve even had patients describe it as “anal output.”  But we’re going to be simple and use Poo. Understanding Poo can save your life. You don’t have to love it. You don’t have to even get along with it. But you do need to acknowledge it.

This relieving natural excretion can be measured through a scale. I kid you not. You know how there’s a Pain Scale, (From a scale of 1 – 10 how much pain you’re in?). . . There’s a Poo Scale.

The Poo Scale is called the Bristol Stool Chart.  According to the Poo Chart, there are at least 7 different forms of Poo.

We will focus on Type 7 – watery, no solid pieces. Entirely Liquid. Heck, it could also be Type 6 – Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool.

Often times, when you go to the toilet and you feel a rush of water coming from the wrong hole, you’ve got diarrhea. Most people attribute this unfortunate occurrence to food poisoningtraveler’s diarrhea, or even the stomach flu.  Most of the time they are right. However, there are times when that nasty rush is an emergency.

Should you ever see blood in your diarrhea or if you feces look like coffee grinds, or tarry black poo – you need to go to the doctor. Why? You may be bleeding from the inside. So that coffee grind or bloody diarrhea is your body saying, “Hey, I need medical attention.” You’re bleeding from your upper GI tract. Could be from an ulcer or maybe something else.

Would you ignore a stab in the stomach? No, you wouldn’t. So why would you ignore bleeding from the inside?

Well. . . unless you’re a cat with nine lives. But then again, you wouldn’t be a very smart cat.

Totally off topic but I thought you should know:

There’s something called Fecal Transplant. Yep, you transplant kidneys, you transplant livers, now you can transplant fecal.  Oh yeah, it goes through the nose.